Just a reminder that Roadrunner will be this Friday at noon! We will do like we did last time and have the line start back at the bathrooms and line up around and down Merlin. This way if the truck is running late, then he can still get in and get backed up to the tents to unload. Once we are finished getting everything boxed up, then we will have you pull forward like we did last month.
So far the weather is looking good, so everyone keep your fingers crossed that roads stay good through the mountains so he can get through to us!
Also, GREAT NEWS! Just got confirmation that our request to increase our household size from 50 households to 75 was approved! Yeah! So that means we will have enough boxes for 75 households!
Due to the fact that we do have more boxes to prepare, it may take our volunteers a little bit longer to sort everything, so please be patient, especially if the truck is running late.
We could also use any additional volunteers if you are available! We begin set up at 9am so that we have a chance to take a small break before the truck arrives. We have had several volunteers already notify us that they will not be able to make it this Friday, so even if you have just a free hour or too, we could use all the help we can get. Especially to sort the food.
Again, thank you to the entire community. Without everyone helping in whatever way they can, this would not be possible to do for our community.
Visit our Roadrunner page for more details about this program: https://timberoncommunityconnection.org/our-programs/food-programs/rrmfp/
Visit our Facebook Event if you are on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/343726867031929/

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