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October – December 2021

The Following constitutes the report of the Timberon Radio Relay League Program to the board of the Timberon Community Connection for the period of October through December 2021.


The League continues to operate three GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) repeaters in the community under the rules and regulation of the Federal Comminutions Commission (FCC) in support of interpersonal and emergency radio communications in and immediately around the community of Timberon, New Mexico.

Primary Repeater: The League’s primary repeater on GMRS Channel 30 is housed in a radio shack adjacent to its antenna on a 35 foot mast located at an altitude of 7,200 on a lot in the north/central area of Timberon. The radio shack is wired for power and has a solar backup. The radio shack is also air conditioned to help keep the equipment cool in hot weather. The primary repeater is owned and operated by Dr. William “Doc” Getter and operates under his call sign. The Primary Repeater is currently fully Operational.

Mobile Backup Repeater: The League also maintains and operates a mobile “hot” backup repeater. This repeater is tuned to GMRS Channel 23 unless pressed into service to replace the primary repeater. It is located on a lot on the southwest side of Timberon. It is housed in a converted construction light cart. The repeater is powered by a series of solar panels but also has an onboard generator if needed. The antenna is mounted on a 20 foot retractable mast. The entire assembly can be stowed and towed for over-the-road transport. The Backup repeater and enclosure is owned and operated by Larry Cochran. The Backup Repeater is currently fully operational.

Cold Backup Repeater: In addition to the Primary and Mobile Backup Repeaters, the League maintains a “Cold Backup” Repeater and a backup mast and antenna in a metal building in the northcentral area of Timberon not far from the Primary Repeater. The Cold Backup Repeater is left disconnected from both power and its antenna feed line in case of power surges or lightning strikes effecting either the Primary or Mobile Repeaters.


The League continues to procure, program and then make available to the public (at cost) handheld walkie talkie radios for use with the repeaters and to monitor emergency scanner channels serving the Timberon area. This provides a personal and emergency communications alternative to residents and visitors since there is no cellular service in the community.

During the period of this report, the League placed an additional 40 radios with the public–bringing the total number of radios placed since the beginning of the project to 403.

Additionally, we have changed the model of radio we use for this purpose during this period. Previously, we used Boafeng UV-5r radios. However, the company no longer manufactures this model with a frequency range that covers GMRS channels. However, Boafeng now offers a new model specifically for GMRS use – model UV-5X. This model are only sold in pairs. However, for the time being, we have been able to find the new model at the same cost per unit as the old model


The League continues to maintain the Timberon Radio Relay League Facebook Group.


Besides at-cost purchase and sales of community/emergency radios, the League received $60 in cash donations during this period. The League has a financial balance $140 with $80 held in trust by Timberon Community Connection and $60 in petty cash.

TRRL Report – Oct – Dec 2021

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Dr. William “Doc” Getter
TRRL Program Manager



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