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January-April 2021
— 10 Emergency Radios placed.
— New Repeater Radio Shack Completed.
— Includes insulted and air conditioned vinyl shed, new 35 foot mast with antenna, battery
backup with a 100 watt solar panel.
— Now houses primary Motorola GR-500 Community Repeater tuned to GMRS Channel 30
— No funds received or distributed.

— 7 Emergency Radios placed.
— Motorola GR-1225 Repeater that had previously been used as the primary community repeater
was reprogramming as a backup repeater at old primary location.
— No funds received or distributed.

MARCH 2021
— 13 Emergency Radios placed.
— Portable repeater completed.
— Constructed from a repurposed construction light cart. Includes 7Kw generator, four 100
watt solar panels, battery backup and retractable 25 foot mast.
— Houses repeater consisting of two Wouxun KG-UV920P Mobile Transceivers, duplexer and
an antenna mounted at the top of the 25 foot retractable mast.
— the Wouxum repeater is tuned to GMRS Channel 23 and is intended for recreational and
casual use.
— No funds received or distributed.

APRIL 2021
— 30 Emergency Radios placed
— Procured 50 watt Incon F-5011 public safety (police) radio and had it programmed by Otero
County Sheriff’s Office in support of the Timberon Neighborhood Watch Patrol program.
— Received $80 cash donation (held in escrow). No funds distributed.

TRRL Monthly Reports – Jan-Apr 2021

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Dr. William “Doc” Getter
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