We are so sorry for the inconvenience as we were really hoping the weather was going to cooperate, but checking this morning it looks as though we will be getting more snow here in Timberon and through the mountains between Cloudcroft and here most of the day Thursday, overnight and into Friday morning. Making it unsafe for the Roadrunner truck and driver to be able to get to us. And also not safe for our volunteers to try and be out in the cold and snow that morning. Everyone’s safety and wellbeing is very important to us and we do not want to put anyone in jeopardy.

As of right now we have over a foot of snow in our driveway and in front of the pantry, so we are canceling pantry for this week also as it will be difficult for people to get to us and unsafe to try and walk and drive in. We also have a sloped drive and do not want to take the chance of someone sliding back on the icy drive and hitting another vehicle.

Weekly pantry should resume the next Saturday, Feb 27th at 10am. Weather permitting.

If you, or a neighbor, has a food emergency and will not make it until the next weekly pantry, please contact us. We have a couple of volunteers with 4 wheel drive that can deliver a box of food if it is an emergency situation.

Please stay warm and safe.


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