1) Vendors can sell only what they grow, gather, raise, catch or make themselves. No reselling is permitted.

a) As a member of the New Mexico Farmers Marketing Association (NMFMA), the TIMBERON FARMERS MARKET upholds its rule: “Member markets of the NMFMA must be public markets where fresh foods from a defined local area are sold by the people who have grown, gathered, raised or caught them. Agricultural products may also be sold by a farm representative. A farm representative is a party that has the authority to act for the farmer so as to bring the farmer’s agricultural product to market. Member markets are prohibited from allowing the resale of agricultural products.”

b) Otero County is the defined local area for the TIMBERON FARMERS MARKET. Decisions regarding vendors from outside Otero County will be at the Market Manager’s discretion.

2) Vendors selling food and crafts shall observe all requirements and provisions of all federal, state, county and town laws, ordinances and CRS tax requirements, including the display of permits. The TIMBERON FARMERS’ MARKET will not police, provide or be responsible for these permits.

a) Homemade food can be sold after July 1, 2021. All food needs to be prepared AFTER this date for sale at the Timberon Farmers Market. Homemade foods are limited to non-TCS foods only. Food must be sold directly to consumers by the seller/producer. The seller/producer must obtain an NMED approved food handler card before beginning production on July 1, 2021 and will need to provide a copy to the Market Manager. For more information see our post at  https://timberoncommunityconnection.org/homemade-food-act-hb177/

3) Market fees are $3.00 per Market day.

4) Market days are the 2nd and 4th Saturdays, June through September; 2nd Saturdays, October through December: 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM (or until sell-out).

5) Safety of customers is of utmost importance. We will be at an active business, so please be mindful of customers when pulling in to set up.

a) Vendors must arrive no earlier than 1:00 PM and no later than 1:30 PM and have their goods unloaded and set up no later than 15 minutes before the opening of Market . We have limited spaces so if you arrive after that there may not be a space, if there is we will try to find a place for you. Please be cautious of customers walking across the parking lot and other vendors.

b) When pulling in to Market, please pay attention to our Neighborhood Watch Volunteers that will be directing Vendor traffic to the next available space . Vendors will be lined up across the back parking spaces, facing the hill. You can then set up your tent or table at the end of your vehicle facing the entrances. Spaces are on a first-come basis until all spaces are filled.

6) Vendors will anonymously report total daily gross sales amounts at the end of each Market day to the Market Manager or Manager Appointee . (This information is reported to the NMFMA in the required yearly Data Report. This data enables the NMFMA to support their requests for funding from the NM Legislature. The NMFMA presents data about the growth in small scale/rural agriculture to show the impact farmers’ markets have. NMFMA use these funds to provide NM markets grants for advertising and other promotional tools. The TIMBERON FARMERS’ MARKET plans to apply for these grants, and will continue to apply for them in the future.)

7) Vendors must use accurate scales. If no scale is used, the Vendor may sell by volume.

8) Vendors will treat each other and customers of the Market with professionalism, courtesy and respect at all times.

9) By becoming a Vendor at the TIMBERON FARMERS’ MARKET, the Vendor agrees to give the Market Managers or Manager Appointee the right to visit and inspect the farm or business of the Vendor at a mutually agreeable time.

10) Any Vendor who violates the Market Rules as stated in this agreement will receive one verbal warning. A second violation constitutes a removal from the Market for the remainder of the season.

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